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The Vosges du Nord offers an enchanting natural setting for adventure for all ages! Enjoy family getaways: tree-climbing, strolls through medieval fortresses, treasure hunts and treasure trails. These "mini adventures" promise a sense of wonder and thrills, as well as great memories!

Micro-adventure, 3-day itinerary in Alsace on the GR 53

Set off on a comfortable 3-day micro-adventure along the GR 53 in Alsace's northern Vosges mountains, without a car and without luggage.


3 days 2 nights



Immersion in the land of glass and crystal in Alsace-Lorraine

Immerse yourself in the world of master glassmakers, with visits to 3 exceptional sites in the heart of the wild forests of the Vosges du Nord.


3 days 2 nights



2-day hike in the Vosges with a guide

Escape to the land of Alsace's medieval castles, in the Transfrontier Biosphere Reserve.


2 days 1 night



Electric mountain biking, hiking and spa in La Petite Pierre country

From a cosy house with Spa, set off on an assault on the forest paths, equipped with your super electrically-assisted bike.


4 days 3 nights



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Little and big kids

How about turning your outing into a real getaway? For a weekend, or more... explore the pearls of the Vosges du Nord, and enjoy it with the whole family!

Take time to walk, talk, laugh, have fun, look at a landscape, a castle or a sunset, and rediscover your childlike side in the midst of your tribe.

Did you know?

Walking in nature offers many benefits for children:

  • Sensory stimulation
  • Stress reduction
  • Improved concentration
  • Physical development
  • Encouraging imagination and creativity
  • Learning about environmental responsibility

and above all a little screen-free break from the daily grind!

Precious moments

Enjoy enriching outdoor family activities: relive the Middle Ages, meet the animals at the goat farm, share a carriage ride, follow the course of the water and go on an adventure!

These experiences, combining puzzles to solve and sporting activities in the great outdoors, encourage children to bond both physically and psychologically.

On the menu: relaxation and laughter for all. Treat yourself and your loved ones to moments of pure connection and joy in nature, the true gifts of life.

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